Results-driven strategies, Massive energetic shifts & high-touch coaching

I don’t wanna choose. I want it ALL.

Under $10K 
With Ambition. 

Cash Converting Content 

Create content that gets wayyy more than engagement. With my formula, secrets, and 7-figure proof – I’ll show you how to master your content creation, attract your ideal client, and turn likes into ‘just bought it!’ DMs. 

Turn Content in Cold, Hard CASH 

Powerplay Prompts 

Screw vaults. Ditch templates. They strip your content of ALL things personality, and you just sound like a carbon copy of some ‘do it my way’ coach. Powerplay Prompts gives you the guidance to speed up your content creation process BUT lets you keep your secret sauce. 

Make Content Creation Easy AF 

The Six-Figure Sales System 

If scaling up to that sexy 6-figure salary is your goal, this is the program that’ll make it happen. By diving deep into sales, setting up calls, creating prices and charging premium rates – you’ll feel super confident (and rich!) while building your 6-figure business. 

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Growing. But You Wanna Grow Faster. 

Magnetic Money Moves

Combine manifestation with real AF results to heal your relationship with money and set yourself up for months of pure abundance. It’s time to hit those x-figure months that you used to only dream about. 

More Money. Right Now. 

The Matrix Membership 

You don’t choose. You want it all. The Matrix Membership gives you ALL of my content for a year– existing and new, so you can master every subject and turn goals into ‘I did that’s. If you’re not playing, you need to freakin’ get in this room of massive change. 

Screw choices. I want it ALL. 

No more baby steps. Time to hit a MIL. 

The Matrix Mastermind 

An intimate group of women who are done settling for ANYTHING. Learn how to scale up to 7-figures without working harder, doing more, or making compromises. Application only and a strict 6-women cap means you’re creating deep friendships and giving your business the spotlight it deserves. 

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1:1 Coaching 

The creme de la creme if you came here to make serious money and a massive impact. Work with me in a private container to create personalized plans for strategic scaling AND align your energetic flow to allow 6-figure months and 7-figure years to feel easy. 

Multi-MIL, here I come!