Where massive impact meets big checks

Grow faster without doing more. 
Make big moves without fear as your co-pilot. 
Hold your power and speak your truth. 
Let data and energy co-exist. 
Bridge the gap between the being and the doing. 

Ditch the pushy marketing and sell with flowing ease. 

We’re no longer playing in a man’s world.

We’re no longer shoving our femininity in to appear stronger, tougher, and more successful. We don’t need to do or be anything different to be a badass CEO. 

In here, we’re changing the game. Female-led strategy that embraces aligned energetic action. We don’t have to men to be the ‘Rich Man.’ We can make a f*ck-ton of money by being exactly who we are. 

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About I am a Rich Man 

Money is not a taboo
Rich is not a dirty word

Without any guilt, hesitation, or burnout. By leaning into your womanly superpowers and creating an unbreakable strategy – you can take aligned action that leads to massive results. 

And I’m not just going to show you how. I’m going to shake up everything you ever thought about yourself and your capabilities. 

You can and should want it all.

No. No. and F*CK NO. 

I am a Rich Man helps women ditch the narrative of I have to work harder and I can’t desire a ton of wealth. Because here’s the thing. There’s an annoying societal norm that says women can’t want massive checks. That women should be satisfied with medium levels of success. That women should work to the point of burnout because doing it all is the gold standard. 

Hi I’m Melanie

The woman behind I am a Rich Man.

I’m a corporate drop-out turned multi 7-figure CEO that helps women entrepreneurs combine energy work and actionable strategy, so they can unapologetically scale without feeling the need to do it all. 

But I wasn’t born rich. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Both my parents were drug addicts and I was living out of my car when I was 21. To create something for myself, I had to break through the generational trauma and held societal beliefs first. 

Beliefs like be humble, raise your hand and make sure they like you. This is what I and millions of women have to undo daily. 

And in taking a hammer to who I thought I had to become, I started a movement that gave women the permission they needed to have it all. The family. The marriage. The money. The business. The life. 

You can make a difference and make tons of money. You can make bank and still be grateful. You can have a killer strategy and still act in alignment with what’s in your soul. 

No more choices. No more playing small. 

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Talking about being a rich man is great and all, but the best part is actually watching those bank account numbers SKYROCKET. 

The Results 

I went from living in my car to building a
7-figure company 

My clients have made over $3 million collectively 

2 of my clients just went on to hit 7-figures recently
HUNDREDS of students have learned how to hit 6-figures without pushy marketing tactics 

And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 
And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 
And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 

It’s time for your money glow-up 

Hit that button to affirm your success and get ready to build a massive business that brings you both impact and cash. 

I'm 100% ready