Goodies that inspire 
you to create massive  
impact and collect  
BIG checks  

The Money Affirmation Deck 

52 cards. Infinite money shifts. Pull one of these when you need a pick-me-up or are making a massive move in your business. They’ll inspire you to ditch all those toxic money beliefs and dream bigger. 

coming soon!

The ‘Mom, I am a Rich Man’ T-Shirt 

Where massive impact meets big checks. 

Sport your growth with some ‘Mom, I am a Rich Man’ merch. This t-shirt lets you be loud and proud when ditching icky marketing and leaning into your aligned energetic business flow. Because here’s the thing, when you see it – you believe it. And I want you to believe that you ARE the rich man.


The ‘I am a Rich Man’ Crew Neck 

Cozy up to aligned marketing and unbeatable strategy by wearing your ‘I am a Rich Man’ crew neck. By affirming your unshakable ability to grow your business without feeling the need to do it all, you can scale and makes tons of money doing something you love.