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In a world that tells you to be humble, I’m telling you to make bank

I am a Rich Man was born out of a desire to be more without doing more. To make data-driven decisions that feel good inside of your soul. To unapologetically chase more impact and bigger checks. To unleash your innate genius fearlessly. To silence all of the ‘can't’s and limitations that society has told you to believe. 

Welcome to the movement. 

Take a seat at the table and make yourself known. 

It’s time for you to make some big moves. 

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Words you need to hear to do the  damn thing 

The I am a Rich Man Podcast combines firey truths behind 7-figure success with unbeatable strategic action. This way, you can train your brain to believe in your power and take the steps you need to make the big things happen. 

Whatever the f*ck you want to achieve 

Topics include:
Money Mindset, Social Media Strategy, and Sales 


Massive impact with big checks.

Over here you can have it all, without  feeling the need to do it all. 

Data without drama

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The Matrix Membership

For the woman who wants it all. Raise your hand, there’s no playing small in here. The Matrix Membership gives you ALL of my content for a year– existing and new, so you can master every subject and turn goals into ‘I did that’s. 

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Cash Converting Content

Trade out double taps for ‘just bought’ DMs. Cash Converting Content has helped tons of new and growing business owners hit 5-figure months without slimy sales tactics, burn out and constant posting. Gold content = BIG income months. 

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Magnetic Money Moves

Combine manifestation with real AF results to heal your relationship with money and set yourself up for months of pure abundance. It’s time to hit those x-figure months that you used to only dream about. 

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The power of combining aligned energetic flow with unbeatable strategy 

jANE dOE, 
Alumni of 6 Figure Sales System

$2500 client. Paid in full. Program doesn’t launch for another 5 weeks. No sales page, no funnels. I’m going to cry.

I’m crying right now because I can’t believe this. I just booked another client $1497 and this happened so quick

"I’m crying right now because I can’t believe this. I just booked another client $1497 and this happened so quick she hit me up on DM an hour ago and we got on a call just now and booked. I just secured $2447 and potential $1497 tomorrow once she gets back to me so this week about 5k in revenue."

jANE dOE, 
Alumni of Magnetic Money Moves

jANE dOE, 
Alumni of Cash Converting Content

Hi I’m Melanie, 

I wasn’t born believing I could have 5-figure days, 6-figure months and 7-figure years. If someone told me the Universe would put THAT in my path a few years ago, I would have laughed in its face. 

I grew up in poverty. My parents were addicted to drugs and I was living out of my car when I was only 21. I knew something needed to change. That was NOT what I wanted for my life. 

What I didn’t realize was that by breaking the generational trauma in my own life, I was starting a movement for women to release whatever the f*ck is telling them ‘no,’ unapologetically start businesses and bring home BIG checks while creating an even bigger impact. 

And you’re looking at it. It’s time you join it. 

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And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 
And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 
And makes a sh*t-ton of cash. 

The old way of marketing is dead.

Pushy, Icky, and Relentless are OUT. Combine your  feminine energy with your love of who you serve and sell in a way that feels really freakin’ good. 

And makes a sh*t-ton of cash.