Launch Your Way

The Launch Lab takes the overwhelm out of launching, so you can sell out without the side of burnout. 


So about your ex-launch...

The one where you meticulously planned everything. Every email. Every post. Every ‘LAST CHANCE’ declaration. You woke up early each morning, pushing your offer for a defined 2 month period. You used templates that were SO bland, but they were recommended to you by a guru who claims that when she breathes – a 6-figure launch happens.

And then you see how the launch did. It fell flat. And you fell flat on your mattress.
That launch was exhausting.

You did the ‘right’ things. The problem though…

The ‘right’ way to launch is completely wrong for you when you’re trying to sell out your offers authentically.

Launching is hard. So launch differently. 

The traditional launch gives you a lot of rules to follow. So naturally, wanting a successful launch, you: 

Make a meticulous multi-month plan for how you’re going to drip this new offer and maximize sales 

Pour all of your resources and energy into this one launch, neglecting other aspects of your business (and lifestyle) 

Wake up early and stay up late, excessively showing up and ‘pushing’ this new offer 

Embrace burnout and tell yourself ‘it’s just part of the process.’ 

Google launch tactics and follow anyone who has ‘million-dollar launch’ on their resume 

Fear the dreaded failed launch so you work EVEN harder

By trading out a traditional launch for a Launch Lab launch, you can: 

But over here, that’s not the launch my people do.

Ditch the long launch process and get a cash injection in just a few weeks

Launch multiple offers at once in a way that seamlessly blends with your existing content strategy 

Effortlessly launch without pushy sales tactics that take you away from your energetic brand and who you are 

Feel calm when launching so your process can be rinse + repeat level sustainable 

Introduce your offer in a way that feels aligned to your authentic marketing

Let yourself feel excited that your launch can and will be a success 

The Launch Lab 

The only course of its kind that shows you how to launch without ‘must-do’ roadmaps, pushy sales tactics, and bland-ass templates. 

the result?

An authentic sales process, no stress and a sh*t-ton of cash 

Enter The Lab

By signing up, you will receive:

Lifetime Access to The Launch Lab Curriculum

The tools you need to have your BEST launch ever 

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$222.22 x 12 

count me in!

New Offer. New Strategy. Way More Money. 

The Launch Lab walks you through what it takes to have a successful launch that doesn’t feel exhausting, pushy, or unaligned. You’re going to learn how to: 

Why is it that when launch time comes, we change who we are and stop posting the content we love creating? It’s the launch curse. Break it by learning how to seamlessly integrate your launch content with your current content and show up aligned with your new offer. 

Be Yourself 

Shorten Your Timeline

3-month launch? It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Here, you’re going to learn a launch timeline that’s way shorter. This way, you can generate buzz, capture the ‘hell yes’ people and create a launch formula that’s just rinse + repeat for next time. Burnout doesn’t get a seat at the table anymore. 

Make WAY More $$$

For the woman who wants it all. Raise your hand, there’s no playing small in here. ThQuick cash injections. That’s what launches are for. When you ditch the old way of launching, you can *actually* make money before you even lift a finger to create your offer. This way, you’re validating the market and fattening up your wallet at the same time. e Matrix Membership gives you ALL of my content for a year– existing and new, so you can master every subject and turn goals into ‘I did that’s. 

Is The Launch Lab right for me?

Time to talk about you 

If that question is going through your mind, there are 3 types of badass women for whom The Launch Lab is going to change. the. game. 

The New Launcher 

You’re new to this whole launch thing and you want to do it correctly from the get-go. You’re not even giving yourself a CHANCE to have a stressful, unaligned launch. 

The Redemption Launcher 

Your last launch was a nightmare. You honestly never want to do it again. But you’re strong, so you take a deep breath and try again. This time you want it to feel different and you want that revenue number to look different. 

The Innovative Launcher

Tactics, pushy sales, and bland templates give you the major ‘ick’ so you’re saying f*ck that to all of it. You want to launch in a way that’s full of ease, aligned with your brand, and really damn successful. 

Launch Success Stories

Launches don’t have to feel scary. Or icky.

Or anything short of crazy aligned and really freakin’ successful. If you’re not feeling your launch, your people aren’t either. 

Hi I’m Melanie

I wasn’t born believing I could have 5-figure days, 6-figure months, and 7-figure years.

If someone told me the Universe would put THAT in my path a few years ago, I would have laughed in its face.

I grew up in poverty. My parents were addicted to drugs and I was living out of my car when I was only 21. I knew something needed to change. That was NOT what I wanted for my life.

What I didn’t realize was that by breaking the generational trauma in my own life, I was starting a movement for women to release whatever the f*ck is telling them ‘no,’ unapologetically start businesses and bring home BIG checks while creating an even bigger impact.

And you’re looking at it. It’s time you join it. The Launch Lab completely redefines what it means to launch an offer. Because here’s a secret, you can have a crazy successful launch that isn’t stressful at all.

I can’t wait for you to hop in and have the launch of your life.


The Lab Is Different 

Here’s why 

We like short launches 

No one, and we mean NO ONE has time for a grueling 3 months of all-day launching. Launch in a few weeks, make double the amount of cash. Promise. 

There are no templates 

Templates make you a cookie-cutter for every launch ever launched. Instead I’ll guide you on what to do and why you do it, so it feels incredibly aligned. 

Feelings matter 

If it feels icky, you don’t do it. Period. You’re about to feel so aligned in your launch that it’s not even exhausting to promote it. Launching actually fills your cup. 

Launching can and should feel good. Let yours give you energy. Not suck it away. 

Let’s give your a launch glow-up 

By signing up, you will receive: 


Lifetime Access to The Launch Lab Curriculum 


The tools you need to have your BEST launch ever 

Pay In Full



Split It Up 

$222.22 x 12 

count me in!