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No pushy marketing, masculine ‘tactics’, or a ‘do it all’ mentality. 

Listen to the podcast and get a BTS look at the strategic and energetic shifts I used to scale my business to 7-figures. 

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Picked just for you. Get ready for some fiery million-dollar business advice and actionable strategies you can try right now. 

A 6 Figure Month....On Accident?

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The foundational piece when it comes to making a 6 figure month.

When Programs Don't Sell Like They Used To, Try This

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In this weeks episode Im giving you the tools to navigate through a flopped launch after a previously successful launch.

How to add multiple pathways of cash to one Offer

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In this weeks episode we are exploring creative ways to add multiple pathways of cash into your business. Efficiency unlocked. 

You don’t have to be a ‘man’ to be a ‘Rich Man’ 

Whaaaat…Mel, you’re gonna have to explain this one. 

Business used to be a man’s world. If you weren’t launching with the best, most logical strategy – no one would buy from you. If you weren’t pushing on a sales call, you wouldn’t close the client. If you weren’t being strong and forceful, you couldn’t be a powerful business owner. 

That’s what it took to be a Rich Man. 

Well, lemme rephrase, that’s what we thought it took to be a Rich Man. 

But then I decided ‘f*ck that’ and started leaning into my feminine energy to take aligned action, find my flow, and create strategies that feel good. This way, you can be the Rich Man without having to become more masculine. 

In the podcast, you’ll dive into HOW you can create those shifts that’ll let you have it all. The 7-figure business. The unbeatable strategies. The action steps that feel aligned. The time off. The massive impact. The huge bank deposits. 

You never have to choose. Not in this corner of the Internet. 

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Topics Include:

Money Mindset
Social Media
Content Creation
Marketing Your Offers 
Soulful Selling
Powerful Mental Shifts
Flow and Femininity
Big Money Conversations
Real Life as a CEO

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