Money Moves 

6 weeks. A complete energetic reset. Tons of cash. 

Magnetic Money Moves 

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Not your average ‘money mindset’ program 

Let’s talk about that fun buzzword ‘money mindset.’ You read the empowering self-help books with little flying dollar bills on the cover. You say “I am abundance” in the mirror when you’re brushing your teeth. You daydream about and try to manifest the beautiful home and Pinterest-worthy vacations. 

But when it comes down to it, you and money are still on rocky terms. 

Money isn’t coming in any easier than it was pre-mantras.

Because here’s the thing…

Without a specific business application, money mindset training is just another pie in the sky concept that feels good to practice. 

Magnetic Money Moves brings science, proof, logic, and results to manifestation and the law of attraction. This way, you can rewire your relationship with money and immediately start seeing results in your business. That’s because understanding your money mindset in a business context completely changes the game for how your business is able to thrive. 


Release the Results! 

3 Signs Something is Missing 

If you’re struggling to hit those big money months with ease or enjoy consistent cash flow in your business, something is ‘off’ in your relationship with money. 

Here are 3 signs you need more than a money affirmation to cure the money blocks that are currently holding you back. 

Scarcity won’t leave

That seemingly ideal client just said ‘no.’ Eek! Cue the self-doubt. It’s easy to stay abundant when you’re having a good sales day, but your money mindset is only as strong as those scary slow days. If scarcity mindset rears its ugly head when the DMs are *crickets* it’s time for a reframe. 

Your months resemble roller coasters 

And so do your feelings 

You hit a 5-figure month, but the next month barely left you with enough to make rent. And it’s not just your bank account that’s on this wild ride…your feelings are along for the journey. You find your happiness and confidence going high and crashing low – depending on how the business is doing. 

Manifestation isn’t cutting it 

Vision boards. Affirmations. Thinking it into existence. You’re here for it, but it’s straight-up not working. Manifestation without process and science behind it won’t get you anywhere. Law of attraction + business specific money mindset shifts = results so good they feel like magic. 

Magnetic Money Moves is the intersection of business-specific mindset shifts and a science-based version of the law of attraction.

When you step into this 6-week program, you will: 

Identify your money blocks so you can finally move past them 

Connect the dots between money mindset shifts and actually applying the principles to your business 

Feel attached to your desires and confident that you can reach them 

Learn the science behind the law of attraction so it *actually* works 

Find a community that’ll celebrate the heck out of your money milestones

Attract abundant amounts of revenue, ideal clients and CASH with ease 

Earn consistently high income each month 


Make money work for your business. 
Not the other way around. 

By signing up for Magnetic Money Moves, you will receive: 

6 Weeks of Potent, Business-Specific Money Mindset Shifts

Lifetime Access to the Modules

A Community of Women Committed to You Making BANK 

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A Week-By-Week Peek

Clear the Blocks

Society. Family. Jobs. Life. These factors have taken your wealth-attracting magic and made you question your capabilities. In this first module, we’re diving into your money beliefs, identifying obstacles, clearing limits, and setting you up so you can step into your money powers. 

week one

Set BOTH Energetic and Financial Goals

Modest goals come here to die. If you’ve been setting goals with your status quo as your baseline, we’re going to redefine what it means to create money dreams for yourself. And we’re going to crash through the ‘safe’ goals and push what you believe you can do using science! 

week TWO

Create a Business that Magnetizes Wealth

You undercharge and overdeliver. You avoid the ‘money talk’ and hope that invoice just happens. As a woman, it’s totally normal to associate wanting money with feeling greedy. Not only are we going to turn that one on its head, but we’ll restructure your business so it breathes wealth while you live out your purpose. 

week THREE

It’s Time for a Quantum Leap 

I’m a nerd for rapid progress and fast goal accomplishing. In this module, you’re going to step into your 7-figure self and embody her right now. By setting the necessary boundaries, crawling into her mindset, and creating a business that oozes expansion – you can make the jaw-dropping quantum leap you came here for. 

week FOUR

Take Aligned Action

You know what you need to do. Now we need to kick out all the gross sabotage, self-doubt and low vibe money dialogue from Uncle Bill who says ‘so when are you getting a real job?’ This way you can do what you need to do to build your business and make bank. 

week FIVE

Celebrate Your $$$ Wins

With a combo of woo-ness and science, you’re going to be fully equipped to ditch the money blocks and create an abundant business. We’re going to end with tools you can use to stay the course, so scarcity never comes back. And we’re gonna celebrate the sh*t out of you and your milestones. 

week SIX

join in!

You’re our kind of woman! 

Magnetic Money Moves is THE move for you if you: 

Are tired of inconsistent cash flow months and business-induced mood swings 

Want a sh*t-ton of money without the greed guilt that pops its head in 

Are ready to repair your money relationship so you can effortlessly attract it 

Want to trade in ‘affirmations’ for science-based manifestation that *actually* works 

this is me!

Women that made the move and found their money groove

Money is not a dirty word.

Money doesn’t care what you feel like today.

Money is available to you…right freakin’ now. You just need to know how to take it.  

Hi I’m Melanie

I wasn’t born believing I could have 5-figure days, 6-figure months, and 7-figure years.

If someone told me the Universe would put THAT in my path a few years ago, I would have laughed in its face.

I grew up in poverty. My parents were addicted to drugs and I was living out of my car when I was only 21. I knew something needed to change. That was NOT what I wanted for my life.

What I didn’t realize was that by breaking the generational trauma in my own life, I was starting a movement for women to release whatever the f*ck is telling them ‘no,’ unapologetically start businesses and bring home BIG checks while creating an even bigger impact.

And you’re looking at it. It’s time you join it. Magnetic Money Moves is the program that combines the woo-ness of manifestation and attraction with the science of making it work for your business.

I can’t wait for you to hop in and start making BANK.

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Your money mindset should be different when you’re in your business 

Business money and personal money are not the same. So why do money mindset coaches lump them under the big ‘cash’ umbrella?

Business money needs an entirely different mindset if you’re looking to grow something massive, and not just purchase some pretty shirts.

That’s why Magnetic Money Moves focuses on your business’s relationship with money. So you can make lots of cash and continue to enjoy high-earning months. 

Your money story is yours to write.

Make sure you don’t give the pen to the wrong people. 


Attract abundance –
for real this time. 

By signing up for Magnetic Money Moves, you will receive: 

6 Weeks of Potent, Business-Specific Money Mindset Shifts

Lifetime Access to the Modules

A Community of Women Committed to You Making BANK 

Pay In Full


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