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The Offer Accelerator is an immersive experience that takes you on a journey of offer exploration. This way, you can choose a format that feels exciting to you and expansive AF for your clients. 

Then you can create something so good, your students choose you every time and you can leave a legacy with what you put into the world. 

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What’s Missing? 

Did the whole launch thing. Perfected your messaging, scheduled out a bunch of emails, found your perfect-fit collaborators, and even promoted it through multiple channels.

You may have gotten some sales. But for some reason, it’s not sticking.
Your students aren’t showing up to the live calls or finishing the course. Testimonials aren’t rolling in and you’re wondering what’s up.

But there’s a piece of the puzzle you’re not looking at.

Not the marketing. Not the landing page. Not the positioning.

The offer itself.

Because when you focus on the HOW behind your offer creation instead of just the marketing, you can create courses, masterminds, and programs that not only sell out – they get raved about!

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There’s more to a launch than launching 

New offers are exciting and launches are a heck of a journey (unless you’re in The Launch Lab ;)).
You have to: 

Strategize the new offer

Create ALL of your marketing materials 

Brief your team on how it’s going to go 

Promote on multiple channels 

Show up and be there for the people who bought your offer 

It’s a lot of steps. And there are a lot of voices in the space that tell you how to do all of those things. But none of that matters if you don’t have a killer offer that creates buzz, drives student results and makes you a leader in your space. 

The actual offer is the money-maker.

The marketing is icing on the cake when you’re selling something foolproof. 


The Offer Accelerator 

The 3-week program that shows you how to perfect an offer, so you can sell it on autopilot and make your students shout your awesomeness from the rooftops. 

Because an incredible offer does these 3 things: 

Sells your offer for you

People who love your work and client experience can’t stop talking about it! When your students can’t stop talking about how awesome your program is, they make sales for you. By creating an offer that no one can resist, sales happen on autopilot. 

Delivers more results 

A strong offer guarantees results. If you’re popping out success story after success story, your students are going to want in. And trust me, they’re going to bring a friend (or 50). 

Builds your legacy 

Vision boards. Affirmations. Thinking it into existence. You’re here for it, but it’s straight-up not working. Manifestation without process and science behind it won’t get you anywhere. Law of attraction + business specific money mindset shifts = results so good they feel like magic. 

Make the results speak for themselves. 

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$222.22 x 12 

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How the magic happens 

- Creating a bomb-ass curriculum
- Perfecting your entire customer journey
- Using data to drive the delivery of your materials
- Educating yourself on learning styles so programs get completed
- Receiving top-notch testimonials from your students
- The HOW behind creating potent containers
- Making live calls so good that everyone shows up for them
- Setting boundaries so YOU love your offers too
- Using a signature offer to build a legacy in your business 

The offer accelerator is for you, if: 

- You KNOW you want a signature offer that the world knows you for
- Your offers aren’t catching fire right now and you want to get to the root of it
- No matter how much you market, it’s tough selling out spots to your masterminds, programs, and courses
- You want bomb-ass testimonials that sell your stuff for you
- You’re ready for sky-high completion rates and jaw-dropping student results 

If you’re a coach, service provider, or entrepreneur that wants to create
offers that get noticed, I need to see your face in here. 

this is me!

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jANE dOE, 
Alumni of 6 Figure Sales System

“Just wanted to say that I’ve been using your 8-step call strategy and ugh I’ve been closing the calls with a hell yeah!”

"Officially a 6k month and still have one contract that should be signed today!"

I used to have more inconsistencies in income - which can come in seasons - but everything content has upped my game and has made the booking process seamless for my high school seniors and couples!"

jANE dOE, 
Alumni of 6 Figure Sales System

Great offers create mind-blowing results. Let’s talk
about the “how” so you can enjoy the “wow.” 

Hi I’m Melanie

I wasn’t born believing I could have 5-figure days, 6-figure months, and 7-figure years.

If someone told me the Universe would put THAT in my path a few years ago, I would have laughed in its face.

I grew up in poverty. My parents were addicted to drugs and I was living out of my car when I was only 21. I knew something needed to change. That was NOT what I wanted for my life.

What I didn’t realize was that by breaking the generational trauma in my own life, I was starting a movement for women to release whatever the f*ck is telling them ‘no,’ unapologetically start businesses and bring home BIG checks while creating an even bigger impact.

And you’re looking at it. It’s time you join it. Magnetic Money Moves is the program that combines the woo-ness of manifestation and attraction with the science of making it work for your business.

I can’t wait for you to hop in and start making BANK.

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 This is not another ‘here’s how you create, market, and sell a course’ course 

This course goes deep into the science and psychology of learning.

What makes someone finish a program?

How do you drive results in your students?

How do you create an offer that people not only buy, but commit to?

What’s the secret to getting zesty testimonials that make potential students immediately hit that ‘Buy Now’ button?

By diving into the actual offer-making process in this course, you can learn the ‘how’
behind creating offers that people finish, rave about, and remember you for.

The trick to selling an offer with ease is selling an offer your ideal client can’t shut up about. 

Make the results speak for themselves. 

Pay In Full



Split It Up 

$222.22 x 12 

count me in!