Micro-mastery leads to BIG results

Find the masterclass that’s speaking to you. This way, you can dive right in and start getting the scaling secrets and CASH that you came here for. 


Increase your bottom line by mastering the art of selling multiple programs at once. 

Together, we're going to look at:

  • ️How we start each month with $64k reoccurring income without ANY 1:1 clients (that's OVER $720,000 in annual revenue )
  • How to expand your offer suite to ensure that you aren't just trading your time for money
  • ️How to sell multiple items at once and move your dream clients up your ascension model
  • Busting myths around profitable offers (get ready to feel liberated!)

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Holding The Energy

Hold the power of your prices and clients so you’re an energetic match for whatever you want. 

In this new masterclass, you're going to master PA(Y)TIENCE

  • Content sabotages you're likely participating in
  • How to maximize on the time in between declaration and result
  • The importance of leaning back (an important energetic competent)
  • How to bounce back quick

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Sold Out AF

On-the-fence is no longer in your ideal client’s vocabulary 

In this masterclass, we're uncovering:

  • The energy necessary to attract "sign me up ASAP"
  • Dissecting what like, know and trust actually looks like in your business
  • The 3 main reasons you keep getting objections (it's not actually what they're telling you)
  • How to pivot your content move them out of distrust and into your offer
  • Common content and sales mistakes that we have been taught that don't actually work... and what to do instead
  • A sales game plan to implement NOW

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