Cash Converting Content

(finally!) learn a proven content formula that sells your offers for you
......and implement it RIGHT NOW!


We're talkin' BUILT IN sales psychology to ensure you are speaking to each buyer type.

spent hours writing that IG caption
...only to hear crickets? 

OR maybe you get tons of "" in the comments but NOBODY’s BUYING?!

There’s no shame in it, my love!

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of women who are experts in their field and have amazing offers like you do...

and if you’re like them, you not only know what you’re doing, but you might even be excellent at talking about what you do!

But what you don’t know (yet!) is how to write the IG content that not only draws in followers, but converts those followers into confident BUYERS who feel inspired and empowered to say

...and that happens to be *exactly* what I teach.


It’s all in the content. 

CASH Converting Content is NOT :

- a template pack that jams up your hard drive with more PDFs but doesn’t teach you anything meaningful. You're getting the signature Content Cocktail formula so that you’ll learn to connect with your audience like you never thought possible!
- a fluffy content calendar that will fill up your grid with cute posts that nobody responds to. I’m showing you exactly what to do to not just grow your audience each week, but to allow your dream clients to feel confident in paying for your services.

What would it be like if you could stop wasting time searching the ‘gram for inspo about the “right” stuff you should be talking about...

I'm IN!

...and instead you knew EXACTLY what your dream client needs to hear from you in order to confidently click BUY right now?

CASH Converting Content is FOR YOU:

You’d love to transform your content into the cash converting kind, like, ASAP. Implement CCC in as little as a couple days!

You’re so DONE with whining about the algorithm and you’re ready to transform your relationship with your content marketing and OWN this ish.

You’re ready to put in the work of learning about your audience so that you can empower them to say HELL YEA. You’re getting my step-by-step Market Research Guide (previously only available to my Online Marketing Academy students!) that’s going to allow you to KNOW what your audience needs to hear in order to say “Count me in, I can’t wait to work with you!”

What would it be like if you could stop wasting time searching the ‘gram for inspo about the “right” stuff you should be talking about...


...and instead you knew EXACTLY what your dream client needs to hear from you in order to confidently click BUY right now?

The Cash Converting Content Digital Course

You get instant access to:

- Melanie's signature Content Cocktail Formula that generates 50+ posts in one sitting! It'll position you as the go-to expert automatically (easy content, whaaat?!)
- Epiphany Bridge Exercise to properly tell your story, connect deeply and build strong trust with your audience.
- 6 month content calendar to organize and keep track of your content categories, calls to action and post type.
- 25 High Converting Writing Headlines for extra inspo!
- Lead Pool Training and Tracker that shows you how to constructively connect and engage with ideal clients (hello, page growth!)
- High Converting Writing Methods that'll flood your dm's with "where do I sign?!"
- Market Research training and scripts to ensure you understand your ideal clients lingo and current FPG's.
- Multiple workbooks and downloads!



Nope. Not crazy. Yes, I know that’s shockingly low for what you’re getting. 

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Inside Cash Converting Content 

Come on in! Let me show you what’s going to happen as soon as you hit that ‘Sign Up’ button. 

You will: 

Understand HOW people buy and where content fits into that journey 

Because here’s the thing – content is time-waster if it’s not driving sales. You’re a business and you’re busy. You don’t have time for the endless hamster wheel of creation. 

Write content that speaks to each buyer persona 

And you’ll do this so well that people will be like ‘AHHH she’s in my house, she’s listening to me.’ We’re kickin’ talk to your ideal client up a notch. 

Organize your content so it converts 

Motivational. Inspirational. You’d think these would be great words for your content. No, no. That’s content that gets looked at and liked – but no one buys. You’re not settling for that anymore. 

Get super clear with my Content Cocktail Method 

You want a formula that shows you how to balance your content and get to the soul of your ideal client? Well, you’re in luck. 2 parts aligned energy. 2 parts unbeatable strategy. This method is about to change. the. game. 

Caption formatting help 

Seems simple, but readability is EVERYTHING when it comes to a converting piece of content. With our quick scrolls and goldfish attention spans, formatting is the icing you need to make your content ‘pop.’

Data is my love language. Peek at these womens’ results. One word: Mind-blowing! 

Tried other content courses in the past? A lil’ skeptical? No prob

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Good content gets compliments. 
Great content makes money. 

I wasn’t born believing I could have 5-figure days, 6-figure months, and 7-figure years.

If someone told me the Universe would put THAT in my path a few years ago, I would have laughed in its face.

I grew up in poverty. My parents were addicted to drugs and I was living out of my car when I was only 21. I knew something needed to change. That was NOT what I wanted for my life.

What I didn’t realize was that by breaking the generational trauma in my own life, I was starting a movement for women to release whatever the f*ck is telling them ‘no,’ unapologetically start businesses and bring home BIG checks while creating an even bigger impact.

And you’re looking at it. It’s time you join it. Magnetic Money Moves is the program that combines the woo-ness of manifestation and attraction with the science of making it work for your business.

I can’t wait for you to hop in and start making BANK.

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This isn’t your average template course or content vault 

Hot take, you ready? 

Templates, vaults, and plug-and-plays do nothing for you. 

They take your creativity, brand, and secret sauce out of the equation, making you sound like literally everyone else. 
You won’t find ANY of that in Cash Converting Content. In here, it’s all about equipping you with education, so you can create content that feels good and makes BANK.